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    Testosterone is a male sex hormone that plays an integral role in the development of various body parts and structures. A broader skeletal structure, larger muscle mass, lots of hair on the face and everywhere on the body (except the head), more aggression, deeper voice – are all the masculinity signatures, thanks to testosterone. Though females also have testosterone, the level is relatively lower than that of males. Apart from accentuating the male secondary sexual characteristics, testosterone also plays a big role in the functioning of male reproductive organs and its deficiency can reduce sexual performance in males. This where testosterone booster come in handy. The following segment highlights important aspects of this booster.

    What are Testosterone Boosters?

    Testosterone boosters such as Prime Male are natural or synthetic substances which when consumed can increase testosterone levels by stimulating the glands that produce testosterone. They can be in the form of prescription drugs, body building steroids or some food items. These boosters are often taken by bodybuilders to increase their bone density and muscle mass. These may also prescribed to people who suffer male sexual dysfunction issues. They work by stimulating the testosterone producing glands (such as the testes and the adrenal glands) so that they generate larger amounts of this hormone. These boosters also play a role in making the concerned glands healthier and reversing any adverse effect on them (due to disease or illness).

    How do Testosterone Boosters Work?

    Testosterone boosters, be it natural (such as herbs, testosterone boosting food etc) or synthetic (such as steroids and creatine supplements) deliver the same effects. They make your testes and adrenals healthier as well as stimulate them to generate more testosterone. However, the natural boosters employ a more holistic approach which gives them an advantage over the synthetic supplements. Each body part and function is somehow connected to all other parts and functions of the body. Natural testosterone boosters (such as herbs and foods) fortify the whole body by supplying essential nutrients (such as minerals, proteins, vitamins etc) to the entire biological system. This will strengthen the metabolism and immune system, thereby energizing the body and making it resistant to any kind of disease or infection. This will ensure that while the glands produce more testosterone, their improved functionality is safeguarded by a healthy overall physiological constitution.

    So in conclusion, testosterone boosters increase your testosterone levels. While there are many synthetic supplements that can work wonders in boosting your testosterone, herbs and other natural options offer more health benefits. Some of these supplements have a few side effects, so you need to consult a doctor before using them. If you consume them regularly over a given period of time, they may disable the natural ability of the body to produce this hormone. There are many foods, herbs and spices that can increase testosterone levels in the body by stimulating the glands. They include oysters, egg yolks, broccoli, cabbage, garlic, chicken, tribulus, ginseng, nuts, terrestris and mineral zinc. Regular exercise routine offers a great way to supplement the effects of herbs and food items in spiking up testosterone production.


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